Drank Too Much And Lost Nearly 2 Million At The Casino

They say drinking and driving isn’t a good combination, but it seems like drinking and going to a casino aren’t either.

In Las Vegas, famous for its vocation for games and casinos, an unusual story happened showing that drinking and gambling may not work out very well. U

An American businessman traveled the city to have some fun in the best casinos in town. Mark Johnston is an entrepreneurial car salesman and real estate agent in California and wanted to relax for a weekend.

But the shot backfired. Johnston lost 500 thousand dollars, at the current price of almost 2 million reais.

But the most curious thing is that he decided to sue the casino for damages.

And the claim is that the casino allowed him to gamble and gamble drunk and that’s why he lost the money. There were 17 straight hours of gambling with a loss of 500 thousand dollars.

But Johnston has a point in the complaint. Under the laws of the state of Nevada in the United States, where Las Vegas is located, customers who are visibly drunk cannot be allowed to play at the casino.

According to Johnston, the casino itself served 20 drinks before he started. And before starting to play at the casino, I had already had another 10 drinks.

This promises to turn into a legal battle as sources report that the casino’s owners will also sue the American for him to honor the full amount of the debt.

The American accused the casino of taking advantage of him as a pickpocket, taking advantage of his drunkenness so that he would lose.

In an interview on CNN he stated

“Had a few drinks at the airport. I had a drink on the plane. You know, to some extent it’s my responsibility, OK…But the downside for them (the casino) is that they have more responsibility than I do…Imagine a drunk walking down the street and someone goes over there and picks up his wallet. It’s how I would compare.”

The casino lawyer also spoke in the CNN interview. According to him, the casino acted in a bad phase because:

“Someone who was intoxicated on the verge of losing consciousness and who was not even able to see his cards and a casino continues to serve him drinks and give him more chips”

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